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Corporate Training

Workshop and Seminar Topics

Demographics - The Changing Financial Landscape

Your financial situation is a matter of choice, not a matter of chance. Misguided and self-inflicted, it is centered on the lack of knowledge. Learn about the effect on your wealth caused by the dramatic changes in the country's demographics. This will affect everyone financially.

Taxes - The Largest Transfer of Your Wealth

A unique look at how we have become captive to a system of taxation that is out of control. This is the largest transfer of your wealth. Taxes are a serious threat to your future. Find out why.

The Thought Process - Changing Traditional Financial Thinking

It is difficult to get the right solution when you start out with the wrong premise. If you center yourself in a false belief system financially, the reality is you may fail. Take a good look. What you thought to be true, financially, is about to be tested.

Misguided Wisdom - Thinking Minus Logic

Conventional financial approach can lead you down a narrow path. If something you thought to be true wasn't true, when would you want to know about it? From the banks, the government and financial institutions, the misinformation is staggering. It could cost you a fortune!

Owning A Home - The Misunderstood American Dream

This is a must read. Open your mind and your eyes to a different thought process. The average American is so misinformed, sometimes intentionally, when it comes to purchasing or owning a home. Learning and understanding this could change your life.

Qualified Plans - Financing Your Future or the Government’s?

Are your retirement plans designed to benefit you or will it create unintended consequences, financially, for you in the future? Remember the government created these programs, they control the outcomes and most likely will profit from them. These programs could be the largest windfall for the government and your greatest loss.

Insurance - Understand Policy Secrets

A candid approach to life insurance. When properly used it is a powerful financial tool. Discover what policies insurance companies want you to buy and why. The government recognizes life insurance policies financial strengths and you should too.