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Employee Benefits

Strategic Employee
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Employee Benefits

Strategic Employee Benefit Planning

At LeBarons Group we believe that determining the objectives for the employee benefit package is critical.  We meet with the management team to strategically plan the benefits:

  • To determine the philosophy of the employer in providing benefits
  • To compare the existing benefits to industry and location standards
  • To clearly define and manage the costs and risks inherent with employee benefit plans
  • To review available alternatives in terms of products offered and funding options
  • To determine the budgetary goals of the employer and develop a timetable for the introduction and implementation of the benefit package

Once objectives have been defined, LeBarons Group provides the tools needed to implement the package:

  • Explanation and implementation cost reduction alternatives
  • Proposal analysis
  • Negotiation with insurance carriers
  • Spreadsheet analysis of benefit alternatives
  • Implementation services, including help with the enrollment process
  • Employee meetings held by a trained staff of claims specialists to ensure a smooth transition

LeBarons Group provides ongoing communications to company employees, including:

  • Information on the changes in the benefit package during the enrollment process
  • Annual Benefit Meetings to educate employees on the most effective ways to work with the benefit plans
  • Annual benefit statements summarizing the benefit package and detailing the cost of the benefits, enabling employees to appreciate the full worth of the package
  • Periodic newsletters and other client information

To effectively manage the benefits packages in light of changing legislation and new product development, LeBarons Group provides ongoing services, including:

  • A monthly service call
  • Claims assistance to ensure that employees are getting all benefits to which they are entitled.
  • At the client’s request, a quarterly review meeting to assess the plan’s function and effectiveness
  • Periodic newsletters and updates regarding legislation, planning ideas and industry practices

Properly designing and managing employee benefit plans allows employers to fulfill their objectives in an efficient and cost effective manner while maintaining a high level of employee satisfaction.  LeBarons Group, Ltd. understands the challenges and is committed to working with its clients to meet them.

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