Life Settlements

Provide Immediate Cash Benefits To Policy Owners!

Why Clients choose Life Insurance Settlements?

Clients Needs Have Changed

  • Change in health or financial status has occurred since the original purchase.
  • The owner/insured outlives beneficiaries or business partners.
  • Children are now adults and the coverage on elder parents is no longer needed.

Policy Has Become Obsolete

  • Vanishing premium policies have not performed as expected; premiums are still required.
  • Premiums have become too expensive and the client wants to fund a joint survivorship policy.
  • A term policy is approaching termination and the conversion options may be financially prohibitive.

Sale of a Business/Merger

  • Key-Man policies are no longer needed.
  • Company needs funds to pay down its debt.
  • New owner wants to terminate policies.

Charitable Contributions

  • Personal or family medical conditions lead to donations to research foundations.
  • Organizations receive financial benefits immediately.
  • Tax benefits to policy owners may be larger using a life settlement.
Types of Policies That Qualify
Whole Life
Group Life
Variable Life
Key-Man Policies
Universal Life
Joint Survivorships
Term Life
Corporate Owned
Most others will qualify as well