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Financial Future

You cannot be aware of something you're not aware of.
What you know today will determine your financial future.
Dramatic demographic changes will impact every facet of your financial future.

LeBarons Group professionals are dedicated to the philosophy that an educated client will make better financial decisions. Unfortunately, most people transfer away most of their wealth unknowingly and unnecessarily. It is time to challenge traditional financial thinking and enlist a new thought process that is based on logic and common sense. The results will amaze you.

Are You Prepared?

A growing group of professionals from across the country are deeply concerned about the direction we are headed and the impact it will have on everyone's financial future. As a member of that group, we would like to share with you and your employees information that is critical to preparing for that future. It is my belief that certain changing events will affect us all dramatically.

Cool Topics/Hot Lunch

Taught by a college and graduate school instructor, our Cool Topics/Hot Lunch series provides important information on the subject of Financial Engineering in today’s complicated world.  Dr. Mark Kroll, financial consultant, money planner and educator looks at the demographic, economic and financial problems involved in money management, providing the tools necessary for attendees to apply appropriate concepts and cost-effective strategies to their own finances.

These seminars are conducted at NO COST to local employers or employees.  Community exposure and name recognition, along with the ability to interact with local employees is Dr. Kroll’s only remuneration. 
The benefits to employees include their ability to learn how to control their finances, as well as the opportunity to ask questions of a recognized financial expert. Sponsoring companies are able to offer this valuable benefit to employees at absolutely no cost.

In the age of economic skepticism and wealth eroding strategies, it is important for people to understand different aspects of consumer economics and finance. Financial Engineering and Money Management are necessary prerequisites for successful living in our society. The seminars focus on the identification and realization of lost opportunities, including the unknowing overpayment of taxes, interest cost, service charges, and insurance expenses. This new financial knowledge allows participants to recover these lost opportunities over their working lifetime.

These 40-minute financial seminars are held at the sponsoring company's work site. LeBarons Group supplies the food and beverages. 

Nothing Will Be Sold at the Workshop and
All Workshops Are Complimentary!

For those concerned about their financial futures and who wish to control their own wealth, there is no better learning experience than this.

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To schedule a time for your lunch, please submit a Service Request Form or e-mail us at admin@lebaronsgroup.com. For further information about this or any of our services, please contact us at (630) 794-9800.