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Charitable Legacy Planning

The Charitable Legacy is brilliant!

At a time when charities are finding it more difficult to raise revenues, The Charitable Legacy makes it possible for individuals and families to give a planned gift of love and appreciation, to organizations that need to be there for future generations.

For years, the wealthy have understood the process of gaining and controlling wealth and transferring it to charitable organizations. They understand that the family is one of the most powerful financial tools.

In an educational format, with no product being sold, you can learn how a charitable legacy could be a critical financial tool for you and your family. In creating a charitable legacy these are the three basic rules that apply.

  • Rule number 1:
    Use the least amount of money to create the most amount of wealth.

  • Rule number 2:
    Guarantee that the wealth will be generated and that the money will transfer tax-free.

  • Rule number 3:
    Create multiples of wealth immediately.

How does this compare to the traditional thinking of today?

Now imagine creating a charitable legacy gift without spending one more dime than you are already spending.

How many opportunities have passed you by in life simply because you weren't aware of them? There may be an opportunity that is lying right in front of you that you are simply not aware of.

A charitable gift creates opportunity and hope for future generations. It creates a legacy of morals and values in the future through organizations that have changed your life, and the lives of others. You have an opportunity to impact the future with one gift at a time to any recognized non-profit organization.

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