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LeBarons Group is committed to the education of you and your employees.  Our Cool Topics/Hot Lunch Corporate Training Seminar is a no-cost way for your company to provide a very valuable benefit to your employees – a type of opportunity that is all too rare these days. 

For those concerned about their financial futures and who wish to control their own wealth, there is no better learning experience than this.

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To schedule a time for your lunch, please submit a Service Request Form or e-mail us at admin@lebaronsgroup.com. For further information about this or any of our services, please contact us at (630) 794-9800.

Wealth & Wisdom

LeBarons Group professionals are dedicated to the philosophy that an educated person will make better financial decisions.

These 40-minute presentations will be held at your business. LeBarons Group will provide lunch. This is a unique business opportunity to obtain financial information that will challenge traditional thinking.

LeBarons Group is an affiliate of Wealth and Wisdom Network. For more information go to www.wealthandwisdominc.com and click Corporate Training for discussion topics and user endorsements -- or contact us directly.